Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Simplicty is the ultimate sophistication" ~Leonardo DaVinci

I think DaVinci was on to something there.  The thing is, life is NOT simple in a lot of ways.  But, the way I see it, if you can simplify the things that you DO have control over, the better life is.  Now, we may be tempted to think that simple is what is easiest/fastest right now, but that usually isn't the case at all.  For example, if we choose fast food for dinner because it's, well, fast it really isn't simple because we deal with the consequences of it being expensive, unhealthy & bad for the environment-nothing simple about those things!  Anyway, I hope to explore some of the ways we can make life more simple, whether it be making your own laundry detergent, buying furniture from the classifieds and making it into something fabulous or making a monthly meal plan that is full of healthy, delicious and inexpensive meals.  On with the simple!